Republican Voice Over Talent Political Voice Over by Dan Wachs.

The 2024 election cycle is here! Dan and his roster of seasoned voice actors are ready to voice your projects.  We know the demands of political advertising and we're here to make your campaigns pop and your production easy.  Here are samples of our work.  Please note: click the link above for female voice actors. We also have Spanish-speaking and African-American male voice actors.



There are only two things that motivate people, only two.  Gaining pleasure and avoiding pain.  And in voice over, there are only two elements that will make or break the performance:  Vocal Quality and Interpretation.,  So after all the bragging on Websites ends, this is all that's left.  Vocal Quality and Interpretation.  It doesn't matter if the voice over talent you're contemplating has 100 projects under his or her belt or three.  And it doesn't matter if your voice guy  or gal worked for the President of the United States or a sheriff in a county you never heard of.  It all comes down to your judgment of the voice and the performance. And that's all we ask.  Please judge us.  And please do it today!  Thank you.