Republican National Committee Voice Over Talent.

The 2024 election cycle is here! Dan and his roster of seasoned voice actors are ready to voice your projects.  We know the demands of political advertising and we're here to make your campaigns pop and your production easy.  Here are samples of our work.  Please note: click the link above for female voice actors. We also have Spanish-speaking and African-American male voice actors.



If you're looking for a reliable voice actor for your political commercial, we know the drill.

First and foremost, speed is of the essence.  We take calls all day and all night if necessary because your client can not wait.

We can record on our own or live session with you via Source Connect pro, phone patch, virtual conference, or however you like.  We love to take direction to give you exactly the tone you're looking for.  Uplifting and positive to downright aggravated, we will halp you make your copy sing. 

Another essential that may seem obvious but is certainly worth mentioning is pristine audio quality. All of the voice overs on this Website were recorded at our studio.  When you work with us, your audio quality will be something your editors love to work with.

Contact us now to discuss your voice over needs!

"Great job, Dan!  Just the sound we were looking for.  The speed . . . is greatly appreciated."

Mathew Mazzone, Director of Film and Visual Media, Republican National Committee



Republican Voice Over Talent Political Voice Over by Dan Wachs.